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| Monday, February 20, 2006

The Other Muhammad Cartoons

        Originally at http://www.weekendavisen.dk/, and finally found here.

The Weekend avisen page, complete

Muhammad as bearded women, or possibly in drag

Muhammad as empty chair (top), plus Santa Muhammad

Allegedly, the Prophet Roaring by a Forest Lake

The Prophet's Foot (top), plus Muhammad as a Dane (the person pictured is one of the paper's editors).

Allegedly, the Prophet as He Saw Himself (top), plus allegedly The Prophet With Mom.

The Mona Lisa is revealed to actually be a painting of Muhammad.

The Prophet's Insides

The Phony Cartoons

Supposed to be Muhammad as half pig, but actually an altered photograph of a guy at a French pig-squealing contest

Muhammad depicted as a Demonic Pedophile, allegedly sent to a Muslim by a Dane, but more likely drawn by a Muslim provacateur

Praying Muslim Being Screwed by a Dog, allegedly sent to a Muslim by a Dane, authenticity undetermined
        End of Archived Material

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