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| Friday, November 12, 2004



"Enemy personnel approaching your position in white vehicle with RPG's," someone said over a radio, referring to rocket-propelled grenades. A few seconds later, the same voice said: "More enemy personnel approaching your position from the south."

The alley exploded with gunfire and RPG rounds. Somehow the company commander, Capt. Read Omohundro, got two tanks Ashley Gilbertson photo
in place to fire down the alley.       for times
They let loose with a volley            In Falluja, marines took
and a building crumbled.               control of a mosque
                                                            where fighting had been

Captain Omohundro turned to a lieutenant and said, "Are they dead?" "They must be, sir," came the reply.

But the insurgents had gotten off an RPG round and disabled one tank; the other tank mysteriously stopped working as well.

The company had moved 500 yards south. They regrouped in the pitch blackness and pushed on at about 11:30 p.m. without the tanks, trying to keep up with the rest of the front, but after moving 25 feet they were attacked again in what appeared to be a well-organized ambush.

Two more tanks came in, but one had a problem with its global-positioning system unit. There was an hour's delay. The 50 or so men of the First Platoon, which had taken casualties, started bickering. Then they moved forward, behind the tanks.

At 1:30 a.m., now roughly 700 yards south of Highway 10, they stopped and entered a house, intending to find a place to sleep. There was a huge boom inside. "Oh no! Oh no!" someone shouted. "My leg!" someone else screamed. "My leg!"

They looked further around the house and found tunnels underneath. They retreated and a tank fired rounds into the house, which caught fire.

They looked for another place to sleep.

      Obviously, we wrong to think the Times was slanting its stories.  So what if we've pushed the insurgents out of most of Fallujah?  They're still fighting!  So what if we have radios?  They have flags that can signal to everyone in sight, during the daytime at least!  It doesn't matter that the Marines can see them, or that they won't work in the dark.  Sure, we have tanks, artillery, armored fighting vehicles, chain guns, rockets, rifles, and mortars, but they have the last three!  Why, they're killing one of our people for a mere thirty or so of their own!  U.S. defeat is immenent!

      I know now that the whole war is going to pot, and we'll lose any day.  It's also clear that we waste money on stupd things like tanks and radio, instead of using cost efficient flags and people.  I don't know how I didn't see this before.  Thank you, wise New York Times, for enlightening me.  I'll never think your stories are biased again.